Now online - NS Photo Exchange Project

Now online - NS Photo Exchange Project

October 24, 10:00PM to October 25, 12:00AM

NS Photo Exchange Project
An online photographic pen-pal project part of the TORONTO 2015 PanAm/Parapan Am Games

In celebration of the TORONTO 2015 PanAm/Parapan Am Games, Gallery 44 is presenting an online photographic project between Canada and Argentina. For this project, 6 Toronto artists (Dan Bergeron, Mark Kasumovic, Giselle Mira Diaz, Zinnia Naqvi, Candace Nyaomi, Maju Tavera) and 6 artists (Luján Agusti, Nahuel Alfonso, Cecilia Estalles, Santiago Hafford, Melania Liendo, Sofía Manrique) in Buenos Aires will collaborate in pairs to create photographic images over a period of six-month through the NS Photo Exchange Project website.

During this online exchange, artists will create images that explore local culture/s in the age of globalism. How does the reality of the global era impact our daily lives locally? In a time marked by rapid communication, how can we effectively know and connect to other localities around the world? What does it mean to belong to a place or many places? What is the legacy that they wish to share with future generations?

The resulting photographs will be exhibited on the website, at Gallery 44 in Toronto, at a community centre in Buenos Aires and in other public locations in the GTA during the PanAm/Parapan Am Games in July 2015.

Come to the website launch. Meet some of the Toronto artists and check out the project's website which will be live on Friday, October 24, 2014.

NS Photo Exchange Project part of PANAMANIA, presented by CIBC. North-Sur Norte-South was commissioned by the Arts and Culture Program of the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am and Parapan Am Games and is also a proud IGNITE community partner.


Special thanks for the Toronto Arts Council for their support in this project.

The partners for the NS Photo Exchange Project are Gallery 44, OCAD University (Department of of Liberal Arts & Sciences), and PH15.