Talking Photography - Photography and Activism

From the Series, As Long as the Sun Shines, Ian Willms, 2012

Talking Photography - Photography and Activism

February 4, 11:30PM to February 5, 12:30AM

For the first session of 2015, we will be discussing Photography & Activism.

We are all familiar with images that aim to change something about the world. These have often included photos of seal cubs or starving children in Africa. With the many causes that abound, have we become desensitized to this type of imagery?

Advertising campaigns for various causes have been commonplace for decades. However, through the recent development of social media, photography has taken a powerful position, to inform, raise awareness and instigate change. For this Talking Photography, we will discuss the inherent strategic and moral issues attached to photography and activism as well as the different types of images that can impact and create change.

Join us on February 4th from 6:30 to 7:30pm to share your thoughts and to participate in what will surely be an interesting discussion with many angles to explore.