Catherine Plaisance

Catherine Plaisance’s practice is characterized by an inquiry dealing essentially with the esthetics of catastrophe. To explore this topic, she uses various media, such as photography, video, collage, and drawing. Her recent work uses the properties of miniature to create scenes in which the landscape is disrupted by an event that suddenly upsets the normal unfolding of the way things go. These events then become an image, being retranscribed by photography and video. The transdisciplinary spatial set-up of these various retranscriptions puts forward the existence of different levels of reality, ruled by different logics. Her work has been shown, among other venues, at Galerie Sans Nom (Moncton, 2004), at the Maison de la culture Mont-Royal (Montreal, 2008), at Galerie SAS (Montreal, 2009), at Galerie Simon Blais (Montreal, 2011), at the VU Photo Centre as well as at La Bande Vidéo (Quebec City, 2012). She lives and works in Montreal and St-Pierre-de-Broughton, Qc.

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