Christina Battle

Originally from Edmonton, Alberta (Canada), Christina Battle is currently based in Denver, Colorado. Her film, video and installation works are often inspired by the role of non-official archives and our notions of evidence, and explore themes of history and counter-memory, political mythology and environmental catastrophe. She has exhibited internationally in festivals and galleries including The Images Festival (Toronto), The London Film Festival (London, England), The Toronto International Film Festival (wavelengths), the Festival du Nouveau Cinema (Montreal), The International Film Festival Rotterdam (Netherlands), the JihlavaDocumentary Festival (Czech Republic), the 2006 Whitney Biennial: “Day for Night” (New York), YYZ Artists’ Outlet (Toronto), Mount Saint Vincent Art Gallery (Halifax, NS), EspaceVirtuel (Chicoutimi QC), White Box (New York), Deluge Contemporary Art (Victoria, BC), The Foreman Art Gallery (Sherbrooke, QC), MCA Denver; the Aspen Art Museum; and the Ryerson Image Centre (Toronto).

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