Lili Huston-Herterich

Lili Huston- Herterich was born and raised in Chicago and lives and works in Toronto. Most recently, she has exhibited a solo exhibition The Pleasure of A Lazy Laity at XPACE Cultural Centre in Toronto, and co-curated Don't Call it a Breakdown, Call it a Breakthrough !, a site-specific one day exhibition with collaborator Nadia Belerique. Forthcoming projects in 2014 include exhibitions at Birch Contemporary (Toronto) and OCAD University (Toronto). With a background in photography and image making, her studio practice is rooted in everyday forms and their inherent connotations, and often takes a multidisciplinary form.


Huston-Herterich’s most recent body of ceramic work, Shards, sources online instructional websites with user generated content and forum-based information databases. These contemporary platforms fill the role of the artisans’ knowledge passed on through familial generations, or the geographically specific farmer’s almanac of communal, experience-based predictions of weather – the forum is a new space for inherited and nuanced knowledge. As much of the artist’s work is produced with the collected technical guidance of strangers’ posts, the broken ceramic shards serve as an homage to these resources. Imagery, text and graphics sourced from these sites are used to embellish the ceramic surfaces, synchronizing in a constellation of information honouring these evolving, living resources. 

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