Sister Co-Resister

Established in 2013, Sister Co-Resister - the collective formerly known as Bonerkill - is an feminist art collective focused on collaborative art-making and trans-disciplinary exchange. Crisscrossing public pedagogy, intersectional feminism and contemporary art; Sister Co-Resister works through social practice, installation, performance and publishing, as a catalyst for social change. 

Recent exhibits and socially-engaged projects have taken place at Xpace Cultural Centre, Younger Than Beyoncé Gallery, Justina M. Barnicke Gallery at UT Art Museum, Jouez at the Big on Bloor Festival, Window Winnipeg, and Art Gallery of Ontario's First ThursdaysSister Co-Resister will be featured in the upcoming summer exhibit at Art Gallery of Ontario's Every. Now. Then: Reframing Nationhood, at Art Gallery of Ontario and this fall, at Art Gallery of York University's Migrating the Margins. 

Sister Co-Resister is: Kiera Boult, Marilyn Fernandes, Ananda Gabo, Ashlee Harper, Shaista Latif, Syliva Limbana, Pamila Matharu, Sofia Mesa, and Annie Wong.

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