James Fowler

James Fowler

James Fowler’s practice as a visual artist is complimented by his curatorial pursuits and his involvement with the visual arts and culture community in Toronto. He has worked with many of Canada’s marketing and communications professionals through Canada Newswire, with arts and cultural organizations as the Social Media Director at Akimbo Art Promotions, and is a regular contributor to the city’s discourse on the arts. James has spoken extensively about the value of social media to cultural organizations, writes a weekly blog on visual arts & culture and has co-hosted online discussions with some of Canada largest establishments including the Art Gallery of Ontario and The National Gallery of Canada.

Wall to Wall 2012, C. Badanjak.
November 12, 6:00PM

Developed for artists, designers and cultural organizations, this hands-on workshop will show participants the basics of using social media effectively and efficiently. 

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