“Cumulative Debris Index, Volumes 16 - 18 (un-acting, un-making, un-smashing) hangs with the despair and worry of Benjamin’s Angel of History, while proposing a geometry of disorientation against Western Modernist categories of knowledge and archive.  The work materially contrasts time periods through the positive and negative space of papercuts and the hidden code of microcontrollers.  It applies the early optic device of the phenokistoscope disk to tangle static notions of time and/as/or history, as well as the history of photography itself..” – Reena Katz

Reena Katz's work in this vitrines exhibition is curated by Simon Glass and is exhibited in conjunction with Glass's solo exhibition Jeremiah 4:23-27.

Artist Biography

Reena Katz uses recorded sound, handmade electronics, wood and live performance in the interest of expansive social listening.  Her work explores identity, migration and anachronism with a constant reference to collectivity and oral archive.  Katz's use and re-use of analog sound technologies, as well as fibers and materials from a variety of wounded landscapes probe the space between memory and action, machine and touch.

Katz's compositions, installations and performances have been exhibited at galleries, festivals and on radio internationally, including Toronto, Montreal, New York and Berlin.  She is currently working on an MFA in the Art, Media and Technology Program at Parsons New School of Design in New York. 




The gallery will be closed to the public on January 20 and 21, 2011 for a special event.