Alternative Uses for Instant Film

Alternative Uses for Instant Film

Saturday, February 20, 2016,
10:00AM to 5:00PM
$ 180.00 CAD
$ 160.00 CAD

In this workshop, instructor Christine Lucy Latimer will demonstrate alternative use of instant film and instant film cameras to produce contemporary artwork. In the first part of the workshop, the instructor will provide the history of instant film and its technical capabilities through demonstrations using various instant film still available in the market. The second part of the workshop will be hands-on where participants will explore various film techniques that includes emulsion manipulation, emulsion peel, emulsion lift and bleaching negatives.

Participants may bring an assortment of photo-based materials for enlargement on to Polaroid film (in the form of 35mm photographic slides, film negatives, motion picture film prints and other translucent, flat objects), or they may generate new images in class using Polaroid film in cameras (provided by the instructor). Preparatory costs are therefore variable and determined by each participant.

Participants may also purchase their own packs of Impossible SX-70 or 600 (integral) film, should they own an old Polaroid camera that they would like to bring in for the workshop. A demonstration of integral film will take place, but film will not be provided. Integral film is available at Aden Camera (348 Yonge St.), or online at


Christine Lucy Latimer is an avant-garde filmmaker and photographer. Her work over the past decade has been featured at international galleries and film festivals in Canada, the U.S., Argentina, the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic, the U.K., Spain, Greece, India, Japan and Korea. She currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada.