NEW! 8x10 Paper Negatives

NEW! 8x10 Paper Negatives

Thursday, October 19, 2017,
6:00PM to 9:00PM
$ 90.00 CAD
$ 80.00 CAD

Learn how to use an 8x10 view camera!

Instructor Phil Chin will demonstrate how to use Gallery 44's  8x10 inch view camera while producing paper negative and contact prints! Topics include an overview of the 8x10 camera,  loading paper into the film holder, exposing for the image, developing the paper negative and making the contact print.

This workshop also serves as an orientation to our 8x10 camera.


Phillip Chin is an Canadian editorial photographer who specialized in portrait photography. He has a deep passion for analog processes: specifically wetplate photography and 8x10 Impossible Film. Phillip shares his passion by teaching both analog processes in workshops across Canada. He was recently nominated for the 39th Annual National Magazine Awards for one of his wetplate images.