NEW! Art and Parenthood: Little People, Big Questions

NEW! Art and Parenthood: Little People, Big Questions

Sunday, November 20, 2016,
12:00PM to 3:00PM
$ 20.00 CAD
$ 15.00 CAD

A new, participatory workshop addressing the layered relationship between art and parenthood through discussion, a look at case studies and some thought-provoking exercises.


How does an art practice—or a curatorial practice, or a critical practice, or a writing practice—change, or even survive, when one becomes a parent? Will contemporary artworks (and art-related work, like curating and writing) about parenthood ever gain ground in the "mainstream" art scene, which tends to assume that successful artists are child-free? What are the roots of these problems, and how can they be managed? When will reliable childcare be part of an art experience in Canada? Can crushed Cheerios be a sculptural material?


These are just some of the questions that came up for us when thinking about holding a workshop about Art and Parenthood. We are sure that there are many more. So we wanted to hold a workshop that would be collaborative in nature—sharing principles, tools and resources we have found to be helpful, as well as inviting others to share their own, and providing a space for exploratory discussion and exercises about art and parenthood. Some case studies of artists who address parenthood in their work will also be presented to jumpstart and assist with discussion.


(Photo: Shani Parsons)


Shani K Parsons is an independent curator, designer, and founding director of Critical Distance Centre for Curators (formerly TYPOLOGY), a not-for-profit initiative and space for curatorial practice and inquiry. She has two sons, Jasper (9) and Jonas (2), who make for charming, if somewhat unreliable, gallery attendants-in-training. 

Leah Sandals is managing editor, online, at Canadian Art. Prior to working full-time at Canada's most widely read art magazine, she also freelanced about art for the National Post, Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, NOW and other outlets. She is mother to Zadie, a toddler with a taste for pasta, Duplo and high-pitched shrieks/noise art.