NEW! Cameraless: Experimenting with Photograms and Solarization

NEW! Cameraless: Experimenting with Photograms and Solarization

Wednesday, January 24, 2018,
6:00PM to 9:00PM
$ 80.00 CAD
$ 70.00 CAD

Create photographic images without a camera in this exciting new experimental hands-on workshop!

With a few simple techniques and an experimental mindset (no errors, only discoveries), artist Robert Caspary will guide participants in learning how to create photograms and how to experiment with solarization. Solarization is a trick of light, paper and chemistry that can result in some very unique and beautiful photographic images. Quirky and controlled, solarization is pure darkroom play. Participants will also have the opportunity to create several types of photograms - an intricate and variable technique for creating cameraless photographic images - from historical to contemporary techniques, using a variety of objects and personal motifs.

No previous darkroom experience is required, all materials will be provided. Participants have the option of bringing small objects with them to use for the workshop (no larger than a baseball).


Robert Caspary is a multidisciplinary artist whose lens-based practice is rooted in analog photography and “do-it-yourself” technology.

Manipulating and embellishing his images with silkscreen, paints and dyes, heat transfer, assembled works, and traditional photographic techniques, Caspary examines the daily, common actions and environments of life, exploring themes of repetition and tradition, public work and private life, and the shifting and blending of the social fabric.

His most recent project is exploring and recreating the personal connection one has to the common objects and spaces (tools, furniture, bus shelters, books, kitchens, fabrics) of life and the deeper context given to these objects that both becomes, and celebrates, a tradition.