Politics + Play: A Workshop With Artist-Duo Bambitchell

Politics + Play: A Workshop With Artist-Duo Bambitchell

Tuesday, April 18, 2017,
6:00PM to 9:00PM
$ 40.00 CAD
$ 30.00 CAD

This workshop will look at the research-based, site-specific practice of the artist-duo Bambitchell in order to examine the historical and political narratives that take precedence in their work. They will also look at other contemporary artist who use their practice as a platform for political and historical investigation. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss their own current projects to receive feedback.

Through humor, play, and experimentation, their work gives new perspectives to the often overlooked or mundane moments that make up our political present. Throughout their 8-year collaboration, Sharlene Bamboat & Alexis Mitchell have used a wide variety of forms (video, sculptural installation, new media, print), and aesthetics in order to tackle issues such as immigration reform, gentrification, and histories of militarism and trade in Canada. Through an in-depth look at some of their recent and current projects, the duo will explore different methods in approaching research, politics, space, and aesthetics in contemporary artistic practice. 

Participants are encouraged to bring 5-7 small photographs (no larger than 11"x17") or short video clips from a complete or in-progress series to the workshop. Artists will participate in a sharing circle intended to stimulate constructive criticism and creative feedback from Bambitchell and other participants.

*Registration is limited to 10 participants max in order to permit informal and intimate conversation and critique.


BAMBITCHELL is the artistic collaboration between Sharlene Bamboat and Alexis Mitchell. Working collaboratively since 2009, their research-based practice takes various forms to re-imagine nationalist histories, through the playful recycling of official state documents and institutional archives. Their work has been exhibited at festivals and galleries such as Articule (Montreal), the Images Festival (Toronto), and The Art Gallery of Windsor, and included in a number of publications such as C Magazine, the Los Angeles Review of Books, and the forthcoming book Contemporary Citizenship, Art, and Visual Culture. In 2016 the duo completed residencies at the Santa Fe Art Institute in New Mexico, and Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart, Germany.