Silvia Kolbowski

A Few Howls Again

This main gallery and vitrine exhibition is currently set to open in November 2020.

Silvia Kolbowski: A Few Howls Again presents film and photographic works by Argentine-born New York-based artist Silvia Kolbowski. Kolbowski’s research-based visual and textual practice addresses questions of temporality, historicization, political resistance, and the unconscious. In this exhibition, video, collage and installation work by the artist examine contemporary issues around political narrativization and power structures through historical figures and film history. This exhibition will create a space to nurture the multiple dialogues embedded in Kolbowski’s practice and explore its capacious ability to gesture outward to our present political moment. In collaboration with the artist, the curators have selected fragments from Kolbowski’s archive that frame both the broad and personal stakes of her work. As Kolbowski is also a prolific writer on art and politics, A Few Howls Again will extend into written word through the inclusion of selected texts.

Curated by Alexandra Symons Sutcliffe, Jared Quinton and Magdalyn Asimakis.

The Booklet the curators created can be found here, it contains a selection of lists from the artists' archive.


Image: Silvia Kolbowski, That Monster: An Allegory (still), film projection, black and white, 18 minutes (9 minutes with sound, 9 minutes silent), 2018.