A maze of collapsing lines



September 1, 2020

A maze of collapsing lines was created in 2019 on the occasion of Gallery 44’s 40th anniversary. The hybrid online exhibition and publication considers shifting notions of geographical and virtual spaces, perceived sensations of groundlessness, and how a gallery rooted in lens-based imagery can use the web to expand dialogues on contemporary image culture and artist-run platforms. It features the work of contemporary lens-based artists from different regions of Canada.

This project’s title conjures imagery of lines in a state of collapse, indicating multiple ways of moving and seeing. The approach marks an intentional departure from the way Gallery 44 usually works – within the gallery context – a deviation from that which is spatially, temporally and logically linear. To navigate this, a horizontal layout is used in reference to lateral thinking, collaboration, and to espouse connections between that which is both geographically and conceptually disparate.

In the indeterminate space that many artist-run cultures inhabit, this project considers how can we leverage our networks to build conversations that are less reliant on singular, locative, physical containers. The digital nature of this publication allows us to extend our reach, regardless of situated geography, while accompanying site-specific programs put multiple locations in conversation with one another. This project was put in place to expand the networks between artist-run centres and their communities while considering the productivity, and new ways of seeing, that multiple perspectives offer.

Chapter 1

Methodologies of Discomfort

Tricia Livingston

Chapter 2

Black Artists Union

A Dark Room

Chapter 3

Looking Down From Up

Eldred Allen, Robert Kautuk, Mary Gordon, and Laisa Audlaluk-Watsko

Presented in partnership with Inuit Art Quarterly

Chapter 4


Halie Finney and Dwayne Martineau

Curated by Ociciwan Contemporary Art Collective

Chapter 5

A knife

Amalie Atkins, Maggie Groat, and Soda Jerk

Curated by Tarin Dehod

Presented in partnership with AKA