Elisabeth Belliveau

Alone in the house (Still life with Clarice Lispector)





October 24, 2020

September 11 - October 24, 2020.

It wasn’t until she tried reading Clarice Lispector for the second time that the author’s work really resonated with – and influenced the work of – Edmonton based artist Elisabeth Belliveau. Like Lispector, Belliveau is interested in exploring the material, flexible nature of time. While Lispector builds her worlds with words, Belliveau creates hers through sculpture, stop motion animation and more recently, lenticular prints. Still lifes form the foundation of her practice where found materials, clay creatures and 3D-printed objects breathe amongst growing and disintegrating flowers and fruit; time transforms, decays and is reborn. The narratives created through the meticulous work of stop motion upend the traditional tropes of still lifes; the artist imbues her scenes with a ripening feminism, where it appears that a spell has been cast on objects and viewers a-like. Presented in partnership with the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival

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Artist talk Saturday October 3 at 12pm. Email heather@galery44.org if you would like to attend.


Image: Elisabeth Belliveau, Still life with Pretzel (After Clara Peeters), Lenticular print, 2019