Ali Bosworth

Random Pairs





September 2, 2020

Ali Bosworth’s project Random Pairs uses a computer script to pull two images at random from his extensive, diaristic archive of photographs. With unique pairs counting in the millions, its likely that each two images you see have never been placed side-by-side before.  Looking at each new diptych, its uncanny how deliberate the pairings start to seem: an image of daisies comes up alongside a woman in a floral shirt or in another, an image of a Y-shaped standpipe connection mirrors the butt-to-butt standing arrangement of two identical mules. These connections we start to make point to our inherent drive to visually organize our world. As you scroll through multiple pairings however, you begin to get a sense of Bosworth’s personal vision as a photographer. Bosworth’s partner, centre framed objects, flowers, downward perspectives, architectural details, signage and cats all make regular appearances. Each photograph represents a deliberate choice, and only by contrasting that selectivity with randomness is the eye of the photographer truly revealed.

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