Exhibitions & Public Programs

A still life composition that includes a pretzel on the right hand side side of the image, on a table with a few almonds, a pink rose, a silver knife, shells, figs, flower petals in the background and clear, empty plastic drinking containers.
Main Space Exhibition

Still lifes form the foundation of Elisabeth Belliveau's practice, where she explores the material, flexible nature of time through sculpture, stop motion animation and lenticular prints.

4 cantalopes and a bowling ball are on top of a sheet of wood that sits on a barrel of sorts outside. The bowling ball and catalopes have been destroyed by bullets, as they were used as targets at at shooting range. Red gun cartridges can been seen all over the ground. The photograph appears to have been taken at night but is brightly lit.
Vitrines Exhibition

Jennifer Ray’s ongoing project In Range is a documentation of objects found at open shooting ranges in the United States.

The bride of Frankenstein looks direectly at the viewer with a black background behind her. The words "Even if i destroy myself" are writen in white across the centre of the image, above her eyes.
Main Space Exhibition

Kolbowski’s research-based visual and textual practice addresses questions of temporality, historicization, political resistance, and the unconscious. In this exhibition, video, collage and installation work by the artist examine contemporary issues around political narrativization and power structures through historical figures and film history.

A screengrab of the hybrid exhibtion-publication A maze of collapsing lines. The website background is a cobalt blue colour. Rectangles that appear stacked vertically next to one another represent one of the five chapters of the project.

A maze of collapsing lines was created in 2019 on the occasion of Gallery 44’s 40th anniversary. The hybrid online exhibition and publication considers shifting notions of geographical and virtual spaces, perceived sensations of groundlessness, and how a gallery rooted in lens-based imagery can use the web to expand dialogues on contemporary image culture and artist-run platforms. It features the work of contemporary lens-based artists from different regions of Canada.