About Gallery 44


Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography is an artist-run centre committed to supporting diverse approaches to photographic and image-based practices through exhibitions, education programs and facilitating artistic production. Gallery 44 provides space and context for meaningful dialogue between artists and publics. Together, we offer an entry point to explore the artistic, cultural, historic, social and political implications of the image in our ever-expanding visual world.

We Do This By:

  • Supporting artists in the research, production and dissemination of their work, at all stages of their careers
  • Presenting thoughtful and rigorous exhibitions by diverse artists
  • Facilitating contemporary approaches to arts education, mentorship and skill-building for youth and adult learners
  • Sustaining inclusive, accessible and community-forward programs, administration and governance strategies
  • Nurturing the active exchange of artistic ideas


Gallery 44 was founded by a small group of artists in 1979, who joined together to share a darkroom and studio. In 1980, the collective began mounting exhibitions, and in 1986, began offering photography workshops. Gallery 44 was part of a greater network of artist-run centres that grew across Canada in the 60s and 70s. The movement was initiated by and for artists to counter dominant institutions and create communities supporting artistic production, presentation, education, and idea-exchange.

Gallery 44’s original location was on Niagara Street. G44 moved to Bathurst Street in 1986 and to its current location on Richmond Street in 1994. Each move allowed the organization to grow its public programs and membership. The move to 401 Richmond enabled G44 to expand exhibition and production facilities and join a creative community hub.

Throughout its history, G44 has prioritized equitable access to the arts and has worked to eliminate barriers for artists, audiences and youth. For example, through educational partnerships with TDSB and various community organizations and offering subsidized programs within our facilities and in-communities, including those outside the downtown core. 

While we continue to grow and evolve—now presenting works by local, regional, national and international artists—we remain committed to our roots as an artist-run centre. G44 now supports a membership of over 500 artists and, on average, pays approximately $80,000 per year in fees directly to artists. Staff, Board and members continue to collaborate on vision- and decision-making, affecting both governance practices and programming. 

A vintage photo of various people march down a city street, 2 persons are seen carrying a banner that reads " Gallery 44 Fund the Arts"


Alana Traficante

Executive Director

Leila Fatemi

Curator of Education and Community Outreach

Maegan Broadhurst

Head of Communications and Development

Darren Rigo

Head of Membership and Facilities

Caeden Wigston

Exhibitions and Publications Coordinator


Hannah Somers

Curatorial Assistant


Miora Wong

Digital Printing Technician (Contract)

Nadine Maher

Install Technician (Contract)

A instant film image of G44 staff sitting on a picnic table.


Brian St. Denis

Brian is an arts administrator and photographer. He has been the Festival Coordinator of the CONTACT Photography Festival since 2015.

Danielle Goshay

Danielle is a Canadian/American visual artist based in Toronto whose practice includes digital and film photography and experimental/alternative process. Goshay studied at Pittsburgh Filmmakers media arts center in Pennsylvania. She has exhibited work in Pittsburgh and Toronto and has been published internationally.

David Scriven

David is an emerging lens-based artist. He also has in-depth experience in corporate governance and strategic planning. Over the last 20 years, David held progressive roles, including Acting President and CEO at Technical Standards and Safety Authority, and he is a Chartered Director through The Directors College (2020).

Gustavo Jabbaz

Gustavo Jabbaz is an emerging photographer who previously worked primarily with internet-based technologies, and now offers consulting services in online marketing. His areas of expertise include web development, stakeholder relations and strategy and execution of online marketing campaigns.

Jordan Nahmias

Jordan Nahmias is both a photographer and a lawyer. He is a partner with the firm Goldenberg Nahmias where his practice focuses on entertainment and corporate matters with an emphasis on film, television and digital media production in both live action and animation.

Kate Wivell

Kate has an extensive background in arts administration, and her focus on development stems from a desire to strengthen artist-led communities and foster robust networks of exchange rooted in collaborative, transparent, ethical engagement.

Lisa Muzzin

Lisa is a Public Affairs professional with a background in image-making and photography preservation. Currently a consultant at Earnscliffe Strategy Group, Lisa has a particular interest in the not-for-profit space and works with a range of clients to provide strategic planning in government relations, strategic communications, and public opinion research.

Sanaz Mazinani

Sanaz is an artist, educator and curator who works across disciplines of photography, sculpture and large-scale multimedia installations. She is also an Assistant Professor of Studio Art in the Department of Arts, Culture and Media (TSC) with a graduate appointment at the Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design at the University of Toronto.

Zile Liepins

Zile is an artist, documentary photographer, graphic designer and museum professional.

sarah bodri

sarah is a tkaronto-based photographer with a background in French Language, Literature and Gender Studies.


Membership and Facilities

Chris Lashbrook
Grace Wang
Shaney Herrmann
Terence Reeves
Paula McLean, Community Member
Gustavo Jabbaz, Board Rep.
Darren Rigo, Staff

Contact us: mfc@gallery44.org.

Access and Inclusive Action

Fehn Foss
Philip Leonard Ocampo, Community Member
Heather Canlas Rigg, Community Member
Macy Siu
, Community Member
Sarah Bodri
Danielle Goshay, Board Rep.
Leila Fatemi, Staff
Alana Traficante, Staff

Education Committee

Jihee Min
Jocelyn Reynolds
Lisa Binnie
Judy Ruzylo
Brittany Carmichael
Sarah Comfort
Ebti Nabag, Community Member
Sanaz Mazinani, Board Rep.
Leila Fatemi, Staff

Special Events and Fundraising

Alexandra Majerus
Jill Smith
Ali Bosworth
Dory Smith, Community Member
Alex Bowron, Community Member
Sarah Bodri, Board Rep.
Lisa Muzzin, Board Rep.
Kate Wivell, Board Rep.
Maegan Broadhurst, Staff

Exhibition Programming Committee

Brian St Denis, Board Rep.
Zile Liepins, Board Rep.
Sonya Filman
Jessica Thalmann

Alana Traficante, Staff


Annual Reports and other Documents