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Gallery 44 supports a thriving community of artists and supporters committed to contemporary photography. As an artist-run centre, Gallery 44’s activities are driven by the commitment and energy of its membership, artist-led Board of Directors and programming committees. Members play a crucial role in supporting our activities and advocating for our mission. Gallery 44’s membership program provides technical and conceptual support to artists in every stage of their careers. We work closely with our members to foster inclusive practices and to help promote many unique approaches to photography.

Member Events

Members have access to an exclusive schedule of free events focused on developing visual literacy, professional practice and technical skills.

2 persons working in the darkroom, creating prints.
Safelight Darkroom Event

Production Space and Rental Equipment

Our production facilities support artistic production at affordable rates and feature a wide range of professional analog and digital equipment. Access to equipment rentals and facilities is provided to Gallery 44 members who have completed the appropriate orientations.

2 persons working in the photo finishing area of Gallery 44 studio. There are heat presses, paper cutters and other equipment on the tables and stored within.
Film Developing and Print Finishing Areas

Current Members

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For returning members only. Payment via Paypal.

Membership Dues and Storage