Production Space

Gallery 44's production facilities support artistic production at affordable rates and feature both analog and digital equipment. Access to equipment rentals and facilities is provided to members who have completed the appropriate orientations.

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COVID-19 Notice

During our first phase of reopening we are operating with 3 working areas:

  1. Imacon 949 Scanning Station*
  2. Film Developing or Print Finishing Area
  3. Darkroom

*Studio and Epson Scanner rentals will become available in Phase 3.

All rental equipment is available as well as other production services like Larson-Juhl frame orders and digital printing.

Contact [email protected] for all bookings.

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Reopening Resources
Reopening Plan Summary Table

Reopening Plan Summary
A top-level look at our 5 Phases.

Membership Reopening Plan
Everything regarding production space and rentals.

Master Reopening Plan
Our complete plan, including events, education, and exhibitions.

New Booking Calendar
Phase 1 you can view bookings here. Phase 2 onward you can make your own bookings. Make a new login to enter.

Workspace Guides (Phase 1)
Read before you visit. These are also posted in the relevant places around the studio.